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This community wiki is dedicated to the pairing of Jack Shephard and Kate Austen of the television show, LOST. From the moment they met, Jack and Kate have shared an intense and emotional connection that has solidified their relationship as the "one true pairing" of LOST. With the show now in its 6th season, we can only hope that the best is yet to come. Contributors are welcome to add or edit the articles found in this wiki. Enjoy!

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Jack & Kate


Article of the Month: The Shephard Clan
Not to make it sound like a soap opera (when it so clearly is), but Jack seems to have a little DNA in everyone. No. Everyone. Although I asked him once? And he hasn't been returning my calls.


Ray Shephard

Ray Shephard

Ray "Shoe Genie" Shephard

  • Relation: Jack's grandpappy.
  • Age: ??? Old? Like...retirement home old?
  • We only saw him this one episode, but he seemed to know Kate (a must) and had a coincidentally needed pair of shoes.

Christian Shephard

Christian Shephard

Christian "Ball Breaker" Shephard

  • Relation: Jack's SUNAVABISH father who loves him.
  • Age: Dead? Ish?
  • Father Jack has been plaguing his dear son's life since Jack was old enough to be beat up by O'Doyle. (He does rule...) When he wasn't boozing, or doing surgery, or telling his son he didn't have what it takes, he took the time to impregnate some Australian chick and make sure his daughter thought she was immaculately conceived. Or not.

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The Jack Show
Jack Shephard is the de facto leader of the Flight 815 survivors, and the lead protagonist of the show. He was a successful Los Angeles spinal surgeon before crashing on the island. He is devoted to Kate. Jack is played by Matthew Fox.


Kate: A Tried and True Gemini
Kate is the de facto female leader of the 815 crew. She is a former fugitive on the run who has since settled into motherhood by raising Claire's son, Aaron. It's pretty obvious that she loves Jack. Kate is played by Evangeline Lilly.


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